With any kind of major change or shift, people notice.  It is very easy to feel vulnerable with that kind of attention.  That vulnerability can keep us from shifting further, or even cause us to shift back to where we were.

This is a picture of my second birthday.  Can you see my vulnerability?  Everyone was there for me.  I was the center of attention!  As the 3rd child, I wasn’t used to ALL the attention being on me – and thus a huge shift.  That happened periodically through my life, but especially at my wedding and I remember the same feeling I see in my picture.  Can you see in my eyes that I half love it, and half want it to be over?  That I wanted it to go back to how things were?

When we make shifts, say, losing weight, we are in the midst of change.  We like it, but it’s a little uncomfortable.  Usually we have done something different to get there (like exercise or diet change) that we are a little worried about maintaining.  We need to re-figure our wardrobe, and are adjusting to the attention that it is bringing.

Some advice on maintaining shifts:

  • Understand that Change Is Scary!  For Everyone!  You are not alone.  It’s ok!
  • It is also ok to be uncomfortable sometimes!  Being ok with discomfort, even making it a practice to get yourself out of your comfort zone on a daily basis will help!
  • If we can hold onto the shifts long enough to get comfortable, eventually it will!  We will end up with new habits – and it is good!
  • Eliminate some decisions by making them non-negotiable.  We can exhaust our self control by spending hours trying to talk ourselves into or out of something.  Decide and follow through.

Decide on some shifts that you want in your life, and move forward!