Uncertainty is a fascinating and complicated topic.

According to Tony Robbins – it is one of the main human needs.  It WILL get fulfilled, whether we are conscious of it or not.  (Learning this pretty much blew my mind and changed everything for me.)

Certainty is another human need – which furthers the complication.

Some certainty is amazing!  Financial security, stable relationships, and a steady mood.

Some uncertainty is amazing!  (Also known as variety…)  The changes of the season, the cycle of seasonal food, new experiences, positive change!

It is really easy to resist the areas of either that we don’t like.  (And we tend to resist one more than the other.)

And when we resist anything – we tend to just create more of it.  Tony Robbins says something along this line:

There is a lot of uncertainty in this world.  The more comfortable we can be with uncertainty, the happier we will be, and the more we will grow, the more we will take risks, and the more we will succeed.

Where do you resist uncertainty or certainty?

I use to resist the uncertainty of travel.  Typically I was nauseated on the day I flew anywhere – and I am not afraid of the flying itself, just all the moving parts that had to come together during travel.

I use to the uncertainty of owning my own business.  It is hard work to maintain a stable income when you start your own business!

But when I learned that uncertainty is something that I need as a human being, and that resisting it was potentially creating even more of it, I changed my tune.

I started embracing the areas that I either already like uncertainty, or areas that there was no way to control it anyway – I may as well embrace it.

I already love the variety of seasons!  I can handle the uncertainty of weather – and I love the cycle of seasonal food.  So I consciously embrace it and thank it for filling a need.

I decided to embrace the uncertainty of travel and see it like an adventure!  And I have taken a trip since I made the mental switch – and I wasn’t nauseated!  Interestingly – it went so smoothly and my friend and I even caught an earlier flight back for free!

And I decided to embrace the uncertainty of business – which has been a Huge stress relief.  It has (amazingly) brought more certainty there as well.

And for certainty – I love certainty!  But there really isn’t much in this world that is certain – so I have embraced the following:

That I have a God who loves me and watches out for me.

That, even if I make mistakes, I always have the option to have integrity in a situation.

And after that, I just have so much gratefulness for the areas that feel certain, even if they aren’t absolute – like a stable and happy marriage, a warm home, and a family that loves each other.

So – which one do you tend to resist more?  Certainty, or uncertainty?  Where are some areas that you can embrace both?

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