Beauty in nature is one of the most amazing anti-stressors out there.

I breathe the beautiful clean air, or gaze at the majestic mountains, the crystal clear ocean, and the earthy forest….  There is nothing in the world that brings me more peace.

Why does beauty become so stressful when we apply it to people?

~We are jealous when others are more beautiful than us.
~And yet we feel bad when we make others feel jealous – and have a tendency to hide.
~Or worse, we feel happy when we make others feel jealous – and wonder if we are being arrogant.
~Exceptionally beautiful people tend to be judged as flaky or shallow.
~Being especially beautiful can attract unwanted attention and be embarrassing.
~And yet, in today’s culture – if we aren’t beautiful, we feel less valued.

What would happen if we saw other women like we see nature?  Can we really compare the beauty of a waterfall to that of a flower?  Nantucket beaches to Lancaster County orchards in blossom?  No.  We just admire God’s handiwork.

The delicacy of the orchid doesn’t have to take anything away from the dandiness of the daffodil.

What would happen if we could see the beauty in others without it being a threat to our own beauty?

What would change in this world?

Everything.  But this is easier said than done.

Because when we are threatened by the beauty in others, it merely means that we are not standing in our confident and thriving place.  It is a simple invitation to do some work!

When we are feeling beautiful (and EVERYONE can feel beautiful), and when you are doing the work that you were meant to do in the world… THAT is when it is easy to celebrate another’s beauty and not be threatened by it.

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