Renew Mind

Renew Mind

Renewing your mind means removing the barriers to becoming our most authentic and whole self.

Barriers like painful or embarrassing memories that cause us to interpret the world in a way that hinders our growth.

Barriers like guilt, doubt, and overwhelm.

Barriers like feeling unworthy.

On your healing journey, you may make progress, but you won’t arrive until these are handled.

Nourishing your body will be so much easier after you have renewed your mind – because how you are doing it will change.

And how you are doing it matters.

Stress and the 2016 Election

The presidential election doesn't usually bother me this much. One reason is that I'm not usually this tuned in.  This one is kind of hard to avoid and people who I think very highly of, are of completely different opinions. And there are some things that I just don't...

Walking vs. Flying

Most of us want something, right? Whether it is improved health, a thinner body, a more successful business, a happier relationship, something.  And we usually want it now.  Or better yet, yesterday. Me, too. But I have spent some time pondering the times I have tried...


Resistance.  There are lots of forms!  Endless, really. Yesterday I had a supplement sales rep pressure me into starting an account.  It triggered me.  There was nothing wrong with his offer, it was his persistence that got me.  But my internal response was stressful...

How Do I Change My Story?

Change Your Story.  What is that? To change your story is to make the story mean something else.  Something more empowering, more helpful.  The meaning we put on a situation is often more important than the situation itself. When does a meaning need to change?  Watch...