Sean Croxton has a new “Quote of the Day” podcast out that is phenomenal.  One of my favorites (so far!) is a quote by Tony Robbins about taking the should’s in your life and making them must’s.  I highly recommend tuning in daily.

CLICK HERE to listen to the 14 ish minute show with Tony Robbins.

Tony talks about raising your standards to make change in your life.  At first I had mixed feelings.  I think some people’s standards are so high that they live in stress all the time.  Like girls who have unreasonable standards of how thin they should be.  But I don’t think that is what Tony is talking about.

My thoughts:

I have pretty high standards with food.  I eat well – pretty much every day.  Certain unhealthy foods don’t even cross my mind.  I don’t think – “Should I stop at Dunkin’ Donuts and get coffee and a donut for breakfast, or should I eat my veggies and sausage saute?” every morning and go through a crazy willpower battle.  I don’t even remember Dunkin’ Donuts exists and it isn’t an option in my mind.  I have good standards with food.  It makes it easy for me.

However – some women would not even Consider walking out their door without a shower, blow drying their hair, and putting on makeup.  It isn’t something that they mull over and think, “Should I, shouldn’t I?”  It is their standard.  Non-negotiable.  And I could really do better in this area.  Now, I don’t actually have any desire to wear makeup – I don’t like it on me, but I could do a lot better with some of the physical self-care.  And I am working to upgrade this.

Another example: Ernie and I are morning people.  We get up at 4:45am without an alarm, and go for a walk.  It happens *almost* every day – and even when we are tired, we find that at that point in time, 30 minutes of walking wakes us up and makes us feel better than 30 minutes of sleeping.  It is our standard.  And we get lots done in the morning in general.

But the evening is a completely different story.  We waste so much time, and just don’t get much done after dinner.  And we really could!  We get up early, so going to bed early is a good thing for us.  But what we do between 6 and 8:30pm – is changing because we are raising our standards here.  There is SO much that we could get done in that time.  Taking a magnesium bath, doing yoga, stretching, balancing the checkbook, journaling, running to Costco, doing errands, cleaning, cooking for the next day, the list is endless.  So we are raising our standards!  And it is exciting!  And it will help relieve our stress because we are getting more done, sleeping better, and having a greater impact on our world.

As far as the weight piece – if you want your weight to be different, raise your standards in ways that push you in that direction, but aren’t results dependent.  Like – raise your standards around getting healthy movement in your day.  Raise your standards on how you eat – for high energy.  Or how you dress so you feel confident.  Raise your standards of self care.  When you are non-negotiable about what contributes to it, it will fall into place.

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