“We are all peers in the human experience.”

This is a paradigm that I have been pondering.  I first heard it from one of my teachers – Stacey Morganstern – and then again from Maru Iabichela.  It can take a few times for things to sink in, so I want you to hear it from me.

“We are all peers in the human experience.”

I have had a tendency to look up to some people.  I felt like I could never attain their greatness, and felt intimidated by them.  Why should they notice me?  I have come to realize that I was created with unlimited potential – just like them.  And that God gave me a big job – that only I can fill.  And understanding my potential makes me both excited and scared.  But embracing it has empowered me to step into that role.

I also have had a tendency to look down on some people.  People that I didn’t understand.  People who didn’t understand me.  I have come to realize that they were created with unlimited potential as well.  Just like me.  And that God gave them a big job – that only they can fill.  And understanding their potential makes me just excited!

The idea is to look TO people.  Not up to them, not down on them.  There are some people who are further ahead in their maturity and wisdom.  Look to them for guidance!  There is no shame in that!  But look to them while standing in your confidence.

And there are some people who have had different experiences of life, which leads to different ways of thinking.  Get to know them, too!  Don’t be threatened by them.  Look to them, not up or down to them.  Learn what different experiences can teach.

~With love, from your peer in this human experience, Mary