Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is the idea that when the foundations of health are balanced, the body knows what to do to heal.  I use Hair Tissue mineral Analysis as a non-invasive method to get a broad spectrum view of the body’s physiology.

One on One Coaching

I love that I get to connect to a beautiful human, hold space for them to grow,  and help them be who they are meant to be.  I use all my knowledge here.  Transformational coaching, probing questions, health coaching, stress mastering techniques, lifestyle shifts, paradigm shifts, anything you need to make your transformation as joyful and empowering as possible.

And when we both show up and do the work together – beautiful things happen!

Simple and Merry Healing Mindset Class

A healing mindset is like enzymes, catalysts, or spark plugs to a good protocol.  It turns drudgery into joy!  And it can speed up healing tremendously!

This DIY Course is a lower investment coaching program that pairs well with any dietary/nutritional therapy healing protocol.  There are 8 Modules, and it is self-paced.  The modules are simple, direct, and effective.