Nourish Body

Nourish Body

This was the first part of the healing puzzle makes sense.

This is about nutritional therapy, lab work, mineral balancing, etc….

It is diet.  Sleep.  Movement and Rest.  Detoxification.  Basic Body Care.

If your efforts bring forth the results you were looking for – wonderful!

If not, continue them, but add in: Renewing Your Mind, and Cultivating Joy.


Stress, Holidays, and Food

The holidays are a time where it is so much fun to indulge.  But it can also be stressful if you have food allergies, want to stay healthy, or just want to feel good. So where is the line?  How much is too much? There are two lines, actually… One line is what you want...

The Stress of Beauty

Beauty in nature is one of the most amazing anti-stressors out there. I breathe the beautiful clean air, or gaze at the majestic mountains, the crystal clear ocean, and the earthy forest....  There is nothing in the world that brings me more peace. Why does beauty...