Nourish Body

Nourish Body

This was the first part of the healing puzzle makes sense.

This is about nutritional therapy, lab work, mineral balancing, etc….

It is diet.  Sleep.  Movement and Rest.  Detoxification.  Basic Body Care.

If your efforts bring forth the results you were looking for – wonderful!

If not, continue them, but add in: Renewing Your Mind, and Cultivating Joy.


Cleanse Trauma

What is a cleanse, and why would it cause trauma?  Good questions. Your body naturally eliminates toxins - such as pesticides or heavy metals. Intentional "cleansing" is when you help your body do this work more efficiently. Essentially, the liver and...

The Magnesium Bath

The intention of this post is for quick inspiration and a recipe.  These recipes utilize different kinds of magnesium for different purposes.  This post contains affiliate links. Epsom salt has magnesium sulfate in it, and is good for detoxing through your...