My health journey has been a bit of an evolution.

Back in my early 20s I was very disappointed in my body and was trying to force it into submission.  I didn’t even know that loving your body was a thing.  I actually thought dissatisfaction with your body was kind of humble, and people who loved their body looked down on everyone else.  I didn’t understand that loving your body means that you are free to love other people’s bodies without it lowering the value or beauty of your own.

And now that I’m in my late 30s, I have made a lot of progress, thankfully!  I would say that I have taken pretty good care of myself for a while – especially in regards to food and self care.  We are all on a journey, I am still on that journey, and I will always be on that journey.

But I have recently made a jump in my evolution – and it has caused me to change how I think.  Instead of thinking, “I love chocolate, how much chocolate can I eat before my body reacts to it?”  I think, “My body clearly doesn’t do well on chocolate.  I love my body – what does my body want instead?”  I’ve stopped trying to see how much I can get away with.

Yes.  I think I love my body more than chocolate!  Which sounds crazy – of course I do!

I have always valued my LIFE over chocolate.  I wouldn’t die for it.  But I didn’t value my body’s happiness over chocolate.

How did I do it?  Well, I didn’t do it by lowering my love of chocolate.  I still love chocolate.  I did it by raising the love of my body.

So – for you: What is your chocolate?  It may not even be food!  It may be chocolate, like me.  Maybe it is something that you are NOT doing.

And how can you raise the love of your body higher?

I wrote my Healing Mindset Class for this very purpose.  And I made it free, because I so passionately want you to heal.

So if you haven’t started it, go do it!  Or if you haven’t got past Module 3, go do another module!  You and your body are so worth it!

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