The tension between the joys of holiday food and the displeasure of what it can do to our bodies is real!  To indulge can mean holiday sugar overload.  Which can do so much more damage than weight gain!  We can get sick, moody, and miserable.  No fun!

And yet –  not indulging is no fun, either!

Funny Story:
A few years ago, I was super motivated to eat healthy over the holidays.  I pushed my self control to the limit and did a 21 Day Sugar Detox over the month of December.  It was terrible and I felt terrible.  (I don’t advocate going that low carb ever anymore!)  By Christmas day, I felt so deprived, that I pretty much ate sweets all through January to make up for it.  It was Not helpful in the end!  I may as well just have enjoyed treats with everyone else!

But overdoing over the holidays is very easy to do.
And it doesn’t feel good.
So coming up with some guidelines is ideal!

How to Intentionally Indulge Over the Holidays

Tip 1: Put some effort into cooking (or purchasing) some tasty nutrient dense meals. 

My taste buds expect a little more over the holidays – but they are pleased by excellent savory food, too!  Before going to a party, try to eat a tasty nutrient dense meal first – so your blood sugar will take less of a hit.

Tip 2: When you are going to indulge, follow these guidelines.  It will change EVERYTHING.

Put a portion of something you Truly love on a plate, then put the rest away.  Sit down, and eat the food s-l-o-w-l-y.  Chew each bite very well.  The pleasure part of indulgence is mostly when it is on your tongue, so just hold it in your mouth and savor every drop of flavor before you swallow.  Instead of feeling guilt, just imagine how the joy is feeding your soul and let the shivers of pleasure wash over you.  It is good to eat a treat once in a while, and it Does feed your soul!  But you have to eat slowly enough for your body to register it, and for it to really “land.”  (When we eat too fast our brain hasn’t registered it yet, which is why we want more, even if our belly is full.)

Tip 3: Support your immune system ahead of time (preventative) with essential oils. 

My top 3 immune boosting Essential Oils… Click here to get essential oils.

  • Diffusing Thieves in my home.
  • Rubbing diluted Thieves (or a Tea Tree/Lavender combo for the littles) on the bottoms of everyone’s feet before leaving the house.
  • Drinking 1-2 oz. of Ninxia Red every day.  (This is an antioxidant rich gogi berry/pomegranite/berry/essential oil juice.)  It helps healthy body’s stay healthy!

That’s it for today!  Have a healthy and happy Holiday Season!