Nutritional Therapy for Healthy Hormones:

Balancing the foundations of health so your body can find balance.

Digestion: absorbing and use the nutrients in your food.

Blood Sugar: smooth and consistent energy!

Minerals: the spark plugs of the body

Fat/Liver/Gall Bladder Health: optimizing detoxification.

Hydration: hydrating our cells and flushing our toxins.

All of this stands on the foundation of a nutrient dense diet.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

I find that testing the mineral levels in my client’s hair gives me great information on their physiology.  It is a great place to start Nutritional Therapy!

HTMA is the most cost effective, non-intrusive testing that gives us a solid foundation to start your protocol on.  I do it on myself several times per year as a way to continually improve and maintain my health.

For the first time in my life, I feel that I have energy, stamina, and I am seeing consistent improvements both emotionally and physically.  I am so grateful for how it has helped me on my healing journey!

What Is It?

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis uses hair for a tissue mineral biopsy.  It screens for 20 minerals, plus toxic minerals in your hair.

Information gained:

  • nutritional status
  • detoxification
  • hormones
  • metabolism
  • adrenal health
  • stress response
  • quality of overall digestion/absorption, etc…

Minerals are highly involved in all bodily functions – so the levels that show up in your hair give us key insights into your body’s foundations. 

Common Benefits that I have personally seen in my HTMA clients:

  1. Increased energy and balanced stress.  (This is generally the first that shows up.)
  2. Balanced sex drive.
  3. Improved quantity and quality of hair.
  4. Improved skin and nails.
  5. Better quality sleep.
  6. Improved hormone balance.
  7. Improved detoxification – particularly heavy metals.

HTMA for Female Hormone Balancing (3 Month Program)

  1. If you have any questions, click here to send me a message, or book a strategy session at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click on the link below to purchase your HTMA.
  3. I will send you a test kit with instructions on how to take a sample.  You will cut your hair and send it in.  Results come in about 1-2 weeks.
  4. I will send you some paperwork to fill out online, including a disclaimer.
  5. When the lab test is in, we will make the first appointment to go over it.  Food, lifestyle and supplement recommendations specific to autoimmune disease will be made.
  6. Total sessions: 1 (fifty minute) session and 6 (thirty – fifty minute) sessions, plus email support, that will expire 3 months after the first appointment.
  7. Areas that we work on in relation to hormones: Diet, Minerals, Digestion, Liver Health, Brain Health, Mind Health, Blood Sugar and Adrenal Health.
  8. After the 3 months, it is recommended (but not required) to test again and see what has shifted so the protocol can be updated.

Investment: $700.

Mary is a gifted healer.  Not least of her healing talents is immediately establishing an environment of trust where the client feels they are being listened to & can depend on her to be a wise and kind sounding board for their health journey.  Mary is deeply knowledgeable & has a skill set far beyond traditional health coaching or nutritional therapy. She is one of the few coaches I know that truly understands the term “holistic.”  Mary gave me a safe, non-judgmental space to process.

~ Angie Alt, NTC, CHHC

Mary helped me get my life and hormones in balance!  She also helped me work out which supplements and dietary plan works best for me – and I feel so much better.  She is so knowledgeable and SO compassionate!  I highly recommend working with her!

~ Sarah Travaglione from Massachusetts

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