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I have an insatiable appetite for learning.  I am a health coach, life coach and nutritional therapist who has been influenced by the work of Anthony Williams and Sarah Ballantyne.   I love helping people get healthy, stay healthy and be healthy.

I have had a hard time narrowing down my focus onto one thing.

No one comes to me with just one issue.  And on the support side – everyone has different needs.  Some people just need some dietary and herbal support.  Some people need more emotional support.  Some people’s diet is already in line, and they just need lifestyle coaching.  Most people need every angle of support.  I have needed support for every angle on my healing journey, so I understand the importance of giving that to you as well.

I have helped women:

Release pounds of weight

Heal their thyroid

Improve their sleep

Increase their energy

Balance their hormones

Improve their moods

Gain weight (as desired)

Get rid of parasites

Put their rheumatoid arthritis into remission

Diminish chronic bloating and gas

Strengthen their adrenals

You name it! And i love ALL of it!

So, wherever you are, I want to help you get to where you want to be.

And I don’t want it to break your bank.

With my clients, I have found that some people need 4 sessions, some people need 7 sessions, some people need 20 sessions.  It just depends on where they are now in comparison to where they want to be.

My program runs like this:

Everyone starts with four weekly sessions.

After that, it is often helpful to meet once every few weeks for maintenance, or until your goal is reached.

Investment: $75 per session.

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I Would Love to Talk to You!

You are invited to a 20 minute no-cost session to discuss any of my services!

I am so glad I found Mary.   For several years a digestive problem was interfering with most aspects of my life.  A specialist in traditional medicine did not take me seriously when I described my symptoms.  But Mary did.  She cared about my suffering and wanted me to heal, and together we got there; I no longer have the problem.  She is committed to getting to the root cause and recommending appropriate testing and supplements.  She was knowledgeable about my other health issues as well.  I highly recommend Mary.

Jean from Pennsylvania

Mary helped me get my life and hormones in balance!  She also helped me work out which supplements and dietary plan works best for me – and I feel so much better.  She is so knowledgeable and SO compassionate!  I highly recommend working with her!

Sarah from Massachusetts

Mary is a gifted healer.  Not least of her healing talents is immediately establishing an environment of trust where the client feels they are being listened to & can depend on her to be a wise and kind sounding board for their health journey.  Mary is deeply knowledgeable & has a skill set far beyond traditional health coaching or nutritional therapy. She is one of the few coaches I know that truly understands the term “holistic.”  Mary gave me a safe, non-judgmental space to process.

Angie from Maryland

I fell into a health crisis after my fifth child. It was June 23rd I had a new born and four other very young children and I was admitted into the hospital abruptly with adrenal crisis. I could barely move, my hair was fallin out in handfuls, my stomach hurt . I later found out in the weeks to come I had poly Endocrine syndrome type 2. My adrenals would no longer make cortisol and my thyroid would no longer produce hormones either. My Endocrinologist looked at me and said you’ll have to be on steroid your entire life and thyroid medication. Scared and without hope I reach out to Mary Lapp, in a situation that seemed hopeless she aproached my situation with a new look and understanding! She’s tweaked my diet, herbs, supplements, and life style and at my last lab my thyroid numbers showed I needed to lower my medication. I am still a work in process and continue to move forward and see results. My hair is growing back better and longer than ever, my energy is better than it has been in decades, my digestion is actually working and I feel well after eating. I’m not looking for perfect I am looking for progress and that’s what I am seeing.  Mary Lapp as a individual is  kind, thoughtful, and so patient with the process. She is knowledgeable and looks at the body as a whole. If something isn’t working she takes a different avenue but doesn’t give up on you like so many have done to me before. I would fully and whole heartedly recommend Mary Lapp to anyone who is searching for help and answers.

~Nicole from Maine