A healing mindset is like enzymes, catalysts, or spark plugs to a good protocol.

It turns drudgery into joy!  And it can speed up healing tremendously!

In case you are wondering exactly what a healing mindset is, first know that it is somewhat individual.  But the general idea is best described by the glass half full/half empty example.  A negative mindset is a glass half empty, we know that.  And a positive one is a glass half full.  But a healing mindset is one that knows that there are times of more empty, times of more full, but you know how to re-fill.  So it is ok, and you can bounce back.  You re-fill, you get more energy, you re-fill again, and before you know it, you are overflowing and blessing all of the people in your life.  And the joy of being able to bless from a place of fullness – it is FUN!  Joyous!  Blessing people from a place of emptiness is just exhausting and full of sacrifice.

So how does it work?  There are 8 (short but effective) modules.  And action steps.

What do you need?  A computer, a journal and a pen.

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Module 1: Lead with Gratitude

Gratitude is like fertile soil for healing to happen.  Sometimes it can be easier said than done – so this module teaches you how to clear the clutter and embrace thankfulness!

Module 2: Healthy Goal Setting

While goals are important, there is a shadow side to them.  Learn the positives and negatives of goals, how to choose your goals, and how to get the most out of them.

Module 3: Managing Stress

We all know about the dark side of stress, but what if there was a light side?  Learn about stress, and how it can help us to not only survive, but thrive!

Module 4: Joy and Ease with Food

We all know that nutrition is essential in any healing protocol.  This module doesn’t tell you WHAT to eat, but how to prepare it as efficiently as possible.  Learn the simplest food prep for anyone on a time, energy and/or money budget.

Module 5: Joy and Ease with Self-Care

Understand the value of self care, and work through any negative emotions that may be associated with it.  Learn how to get the best Return-On-Investment for the resources you spend on it.

Module 6: Meeting Your Needs

We all have basic emotional needs that need to be met.  Sometimes we meet them intentionally, sometimes unintentionally – sometimes in healthy ways, sometimes in unhealthy ways.  Meeting your emotional needs in intentional ways will aid you on your journey to both emotional and physical health.

Module 7: Finding Your Best Meanings

Many of us don’t realize that we already choose the meanings of our experiences.  Why not make them positive?

Module 8: Tying it All Together with Patience

Patience… Probably not what you want to hear.  But patience in healing might not be exactly what you think – and it can actually speed your healing.

The Simple and Merry Healing Mindset Class

What You Get: 8 Modules of DIY Content

What Materials Do I Need?  A computer, a journal and a pen!

Investment: $77

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