Yesterday, in church, our pastor was preaching on Generosity.  He mentioned how growth leads to more generosity, and inserted a small quote from Norman Shawchuck, “Don’t push growth, remove barriers.”

My ears perked up.  Don’t push growth, remove barriers.

The first question to ask is:

Where do I want to grow?

As for me: I want to grow my spirituality, my generosity, my business, my health, my marriage, my friendships, my confidence, my joy.

Where are my barriers?  What is stopping me?

Interestingly, many of my barriers are in my head.  Fear of what others might think.  Fear of being seen.  Fear of being wrong.  Fear of being judged or disliked.  Fear of not having enough.  Fear of being lonely.  Fear of being rejected.  Fear of failure.  Fear of too much success.  Fear of change.

A few barriers are physical.  Not enough energy or endurance to do what it takes.  Sugar cravings.  Lack of motivation.  Lack of organization.  Not being able to concentrate or have clarity.  Attempting to meet needs in unhealthy ways.

And some barriers are just a matter of clearing clutter.  Disorganized finances.  A cluttery space.  Trying to do too much.  Poorly managed time.  Disorganized communication.  Pesky tasks that I dread, and are cluttering up my energy.

And how to remove them?

Becoming aware of the barriers is a great first step.  In some situations – this is all you need.

After that, this is why I love working with clients on both a physical and emotional level.

For starters, we need energy!  We just do.  Physical support is helpful here.  Both food and self-care.

And All of that fear needs to be handled.  We need to create safety without the barriers.  Sometimes barriers can keep us feeling safe.  And while some safety nets are very wise, the kind that tangles you up will be a barrier.

And I would add, Nourish Body and Cultivate Joy.

Nourish your body with good food, exercise, sunlight, water, clean air, and rest.  Cultivate Joy with gratefulness, focusing on the good and creating more of it.

And my hope, for you and me, is to grow in peace and become more generous!

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