Anything can be accomplished by sheer willpower and muscles.  But willpower can only go so far.  It exhausts us.

Freedom is what brings ease and flow.

Freedom in food – looks different to different people.  It also looks different at different stages of our lives.  In my early 20s, I had a bit of orthorexia about food.  I attached my value to my diet – and if I ate a drop of anything that I deemed unhealthy – I felt guilt and misery.  While my diet was pretty good, that was not freedom.

And since I had used up ALL my willpower on eating perfectly, my next stage was full of binging on store bought crumb cakes, donuts, anything I could get my hands on.  THAT was not freedom, either.  It took me a couple of rounds of this cycle – perfection, then horror – before I started to grasp that neither one were good.  It was freedom that I needed.

Freedom came into my life in stages.  It was a slow growth process that started with loving myself now.

First – I just ate basic good quality food.  No major restrictions – but doing my best as far as good quality ingredients.

But I didn’t feel well.  So I knew there was more to work on.  Next, I narrowed out some ingredients that were harming me – such as gluten and eggs, but I still embraced “treats” because they gave me joy and filled a need that I hadn’t figured out how to fill other ways.  I found that naturally sweetened – homemade baked goods fulfilled that hunger, but if I restricted them too much, I would binge.  So I allowed them with no judgement!  But I was open to discovering how to meet those needs other ways.

The next stage is where I am now.  I am upping the nutrient density factor of my food.  I am not forcing it.  When I eat treats – there is no guilt.  It is special and I love it!  And, curiously, I honestly don’t feel the need for as many sweets.

I love freedom.  Freedom in food.  Freedom with how I view my body.  Freedom with money.  (More on these in future posts…)

Food Freedom doesn’t look like hog wild.  It doesn’t look like shackling restrictions.  It looks like structure that helps you feel healthy, and joy, and a bright sunny day.

So my question for you is: right here, right now, what does food freedom look like for you?

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