My favorite day of the week is Friday.  And I am not alone!  There is even a restaurant  named after it – TGI Friday (Thank God It’s Friday).

What is so great about Friday?  Considering it is a work day like every other day?

Anticipation.  Of fun and relaxation and rest.

Anticipation of a change in the structure of the week.

There is just something about knowing the whole weekend is ahead of you.  Who agrees that Friday night fun is more fun than Saturday or Sunday night because of that?

My second favorite day of the week?  (And this is where I am weird.)

Monday.  For the same reason – Anticipation.

This is because I love my job and I love structure.  I love the break, and I love to get back to it.

Anticipation is powerful!  It is wonderful and great for energy.

And what ruins it?  Specific expectations.

Specific expectation will ruin every Christmas, birthday and year of your life.

Let me be more specific.  🙂  Having clarity on what you want is great!  Specific expectations are the “how.”  We should never be too attached to exactly how it will all come together.

Anticipate having a wonderful Christmas/birthday/year!  Take action to do your best to make it so!  Anticipate miracles!  And be open to how it all comes together.

Have a happy weekend! 🙂