Essential Oils

Essential oils are my favorite tool to for Nourishing the Body, Renewing the Mind, and Cultivating Joy.

Nourish Body:

Aids the body in a smoother digestive process to absorb the nutrients we eat.
Helps support the body for restful sleep.
Helps the body focus and accomplish self-care.
Supports any minor aching due to movement.
Amazing preventative for organ support.

In my Nutritional Therapy Programs, I use essential oils, in addition to diet and lifestyle, to help gently balance and support their body.

Renew Mind:

The sense of smell is closely involved with our limbic system – where we process emotions.  I use essential oils and transformational coaching to help my clients process their emotions and renew their mind and perspective.  This service is called Aroma Freedom Technique and is coming soon.

Cultivate Joy

Essential oils aid in helping us experience life with more joy and freedom!  When used properly, they can motivate us to connect with others, get out into nature, and love our life.  This service is also Aroma Freedom Technique, and is coming soon.

To purchase the essential oils Mary uses in her practice, click here.