Have you ever heard of a Discovery Call?  Lots of coaches do them.  What do you discover?  Let’s talk about it.

A Discovery call is typically a call that happens when a coach and potential client talk together to see if they are a good fit.  After that, it vary’s from coach to coach.  It varies according to what the coach specializes in – sometimes more physical, sometimes more emotional.  It also varies in how the coach was trained.

So I can’t speak for all the other coaches, but what you discover on my discovery calls:

First: I help you discover what you really want by asking the right questions.  It isn’t always what you think.  For example: maybe you think you just want to lose weight, but what you really want is to love your body, feel good about how you treat yourself with food and exercise, and feel beautiful.  Or maybe really you want to not feel ugly around your sister – which losing weight may or may not fix and should be included in the coaching.  Or maybe you want some attention, but you are also afraid of it.  And when you really think about it, losing weight might seem like the easy answer – but it’s not the whole answer.

When I was 21 I lost a considerable amount of weight.  I liked how it looked, but I lived in the terror of trying to keep it off, then yoyo-ing.  I was completely miserable – and I got no attention from men, which is what I thought I wanted at the time.  It threw me into an eating disorder – clearly losing weight wasn’t the whole answer for me.

Next, I help you get really clear about what is stopping you from getting what you want.  It is always valuable to know this.  It helps you take personal responsibility for your own happiness and progress.  We also discuss  what this problem is costing you.  When we understand the cost, our inspiration to take action increases exponentially.

After that, comes the biggest benefit of the discovery call:  we discuss a plan for how to get you from point A to point B.  (This is according to current best thinking.  We discover more as healing happens, and the path often shifts.)

Then I give you some options, according to what I sense from the conversation:

  • You can do the work by yourself.  Journaling, upping your self care, whatever we discuss.
  • You can do it with my help.  I LOVE to help people through their growth process.
  • Or I will recommend you to someone that I think could help you better than I can.  I have integrity here.  I don’t work with everyone that I come across – I want what is best for you, I promise!

Then I give you some time to choose!

And I always want you to say YES! to yourself.  Sometimes that means working with me, sometimes it doesn’t.  But it always means moving forward, learning and growing.  I will always be happy when you say yes to yourself.  And just because you say no to one service, doesn’t mean that our bridges are burned!  We got to know each other, and perhaps there will be a better time down the road.  We can stay in touch through my facebook group in the meantime, if you so desire.  As long as you are helped and growing, I am happy!

So – if you want to try it out, feel free to book a discovery call with me in the purple section below. 🙂

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