Is confidence the antidote to stress?

When I am stressed about how I am dressed, lack of confidence is the problem.  Yes, this happens to me!  When I am confident, I am comfortable in my choice of clothes and comfortable in my skin.

If I am stressed about my performance on anything from cooking for an event to coaching a client, confidence would help me think clearer, make better decisions, and perform well.

When I am stressed about what people think about me, lack of confidence is the problem.  If I was fully confident, I would allow them to think what they wanted to, and even find it funny – because I know it isn’t true.

When I am stressed about being late, confidence would help me to be calm, drive with skill, choose a good route, or call ahead to apologize and re-schedule.

As my confidence grows, my life is so much more enjoyable!  Could you use some more confidence?  Click on the button in the purple section below to book a session.

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