What is a cleanse, and why would it cause trauma?  Good questions.

Your body naturally eliminates toxins – such as pesticides or heavy metals.

Intentional “cleansing” is when you help your body do this work more efficiently.

Essentially, the liver and lymphatic system naturally takes care of the everyday toxins that we are exposed to by exiting them via anything that leaves the body: urine, feces, sweat, hair, etc…

But this system isn’t always efficient for several reasons.

  1. We don’t detoxify well when we are stressed.
  2. Dehydrated cells don’t efficiently detoxify as they are shriveled up.  Most of us are dehydrated.
  3. Dehydrated blood can’t transport both nutrients and toxins efficiently.
  4. We have more toxins to deal with than most previous generations.
  5. Toxins get passed down from previous generations.
  6. Because of toxic buildup, the liver can’t always cleanse efficiently even in good circumstances.
  7. The liver has LOTS of other things to do besides cleansing.  A huge part of which is regulating hormones.
  8. We don’t exercise our body enough – which makes our body need to work extra hard.
  9. The present diet of our culture is not helping our liver out.

Cleansing can be as simple as getting rest and drinking enough water.

And this is a WONDERFUL place to start.  Everyone should be doing this.  But going the next level is also important!

And that is where trauma can come in.

Anyone who has done an intense cleanse knows that there can be unpleasant side effects if the speed of detoxification is faster than the body can handle.  Things like skin inflammation, moodiness, downright hostility, sore joints, bowel discomfort, exhaustion, depression, headaches.  NO fun!

If you experience too many unpleasant side effects, the next time you want to cleanse, your subconscious mind says – Oh no!!  Not that again!  That was Way too stressful!  And you come up with All sorts of excuses to not do it.

This has happened to me!  When you know what to do, you want to do it, you have done it before, but you just can’t make yourself!

So the key to cleansing pleasantly is to cleanse gently.

And to make sure elimination pathways are as efficient as possible.

Of course!  The other issues with cleansing is that we are busy, and your average cleanse is 21-28 days.  This makes it very difficult.  Either that, or it’s a cleanse where we don’t have any energy and can’t work.  Who wants to do a cleanse while they are on vacation?  Not me!

Hence, my Gentle Interval Cleansing.  Little spurts of gentle cleanses done monthly can help your body work more efficiently!  Because the group is small – everyone gets their own tailored program.  Which helps you to stay healthy, have better skin, keep your weight balanced, be happy – and more!

Send me a message if you want to talk about taking the next cleanse – launching March 24, 2018!