Which is most important, being beautiful on the inside, or the outside?  Let me come right out and say – I think both are important!

Inner beauty lights you up.  Kindness, compassion, love, confidence – true beauty!  People who are complete jerks, but are beautiful physically aren’t much fun to be around.

Outer beauty is not about the size of your nose or how your features line up.  It is just about taking care of yourself.  Feeding yourself well.  Smiling!  Wearing the right colors and styles.  Treating your body well.  Loving yourself.  Not in an arrogant way, but in a confident way.  And when you have inner beauty, and you take care of yourself with confidence – you are beautiful!

Tell me of a woman who is kind, compassionate, and confident – who takes care of herself physically – who isn’t beautiful.

And our bodies deserve this care!  They work so hard for us.

Sometimes we need help with the inner beauty.  Hurts of the past might leave us bitter.  Insecurities make us jealous and act out.  It’s ok!  We can work on it.  (We can ALL work on it.)

Sometimes we need help with the outer beauty.  We don’t know how to feed our body, we lack motivation for self care – or we don’t know how to manage our time to take care of ourselves and our family.  That’s ok, too!  We can all work on it.

Everybody needs some help in particular areas.  And you are already beautiful!

Foster your inner beauty – and take care of your body.  It is simple!

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