I’m here to tell you that health and beauty is your birthright.

That we are SUPPOSED to want it.

It is good to feel good in our skin.  It is good to love our reflection in the mirror.  And it is good to be so secure in ourselves, that we love everyone else’s reflection in the mirror as well.

This confidence requires transformation in our eyes and mind.  This transformation changes how we look at ourselves (and others).  When we look at ourselves in a healthy way, which focuses on the beauty and functional wonder our body already is, but also comprehends the places that we need support – the path to healing becomes clear.  Physical healing, emotional healing, spiritual healing.

As I am learning this myself, I am astonished at the ease and grace that it is bringing into my life.


My Story:

I grew up on a small island with six siblings.  I have a happy and kind disposition and a grounded personality – which makes me an excellent coach.  I almost always love my life – and when I don’t, it is merely an indication that something needs to be worked on.

I have struggled with my health for most of my life.  And I have not arrived!  But I have learned to love my body and plug away at my health, and live my life to the fullest.

I believe:

We are meant for beauty and health.

Food is a healer.

Changing your thoughts will change your life.

Kindness will help change the world.

How I Work With Women:

Thought and Lifestyle Coaching: I earnestly believe that how we think about our bodies is the first step toward healing.  This can be an immensely difficult paradigm to flip.  But through the repetition of key exercises, we can get through to our subconscious brain and re-wire it to start seeing beauty and safety everywhere!

Nutritional Therapy: Bodies still need physical support!  This is where lifestyle and diet can come in.  When our mindset is right, and we work on our health – it all just comes together so much easier.

Results of Working With Me:

Confidence, Joy, Love, Openness, Feeling Expansive

Weight Loss, Improved Self-Care, More Patience, Feelings of Worthiness

Improved Health, Decreased Worry About Health

Feeling Beautiful.  Feeling Loved.  Showing Up As Best Self

Professional Bio:

Mary B. Lapp is a trained Transformational Life Coach and Nutritional Therapist.

Mary’s studied at the Culinary Institute of America, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the Nutritional Therapy Association, Restorative Wellness Solutions, Holistic MBA/Health Coach Institute, and Holistic Mineral Balancing School.

When Mary isn’t coaching, she is happily tending to her domestic life and mastering the art of self-care.  Mary coaches clients one-on-one and teaches workshops for the busy woman who is ready to take back control of her life by mastering stress, and standing in her confidence.

Mary lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with her husband Ernie.

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