I have always felt that my main purpose of life was to help people feel better.  I used to do it through baking tasty treats – but then I realized that the good feelings were short lived.  So I upgraded my style.

Now, I have two gifts that help women feel better.  One is helping them heal their body through food and nutritional therapy.  The other is validating their experience in life through listening and coaching.

Working with Mary has helped me with my overwhelm and stress.  Having a plan makes me look forward to my future.  Life is so different than it used to be, and I’m excited!
~ Sarah T. from Nantucket (Coaching and Nutritional Therapy Client)


I was just thinking about the fact that every morning this week I have something “extra” planned… and I’m NOT stressed or anxious, it’s flowing.   I wasn’t even aware that there is something going on every day until now.  I began to go over (in my mind) the list of things that has contributed to this peaceful life.  Know that you are at the top of the list… with having me get to this point.
~ Mary S. From Lancaster

Before, I was treading water, financially.  Now I’m swimming with the current – I am hiring new employees to keep up with my expanding business, I bought a condo, and I got a dog!
~Hannah  from Boston
(Coaching client)

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