There is so much to take care of in life!

We need to take care of ourselves – body, mind and spirit.

We need to take care of the people/animals God has put into our care…

Plus the property/things that we own.

And we need to earn the money that all of the above costs.

That is a lot to do!

In order to do this with grace – we need to be in a resourced state.

That resourced state helps us to make good decisions,
be an excellent employer/employee, parent, partner, friend, the list goes on.

And getting in that resourced state requires self-care.

I teach tired women how to care for themselves so they can live life to the fullest while fulfilling their life purpose!

Working with Mary has helped me with my overwhelm and stress.  Having a plan makes me look forward to my future.  Life is so different than it used to be, and I’m excited!
~ Sarah T. from Nantucket (Coaching and Nutritional Therapy Client)


I was just thinking about the fact that every morning this week I have something “extra” planned… and I’m NOT stressed or anxious, it’s flowing.   I wasn’t even aware that there is something going on every day until now.  I began to go over (in my mind) the list of things that has contributed to this peaceful life.  Know that you are at the top of the list… with having me get to this point.
~ Mary S. From Lancaster

Before, I was treading water, financially.  Now I’m swimming with the current – I am hiring new employees to keep up with my expanding business, I bought a condo, and I got a dog!
~Hannah  from Boston
(Coaching client)

We are supposed to feel good in our skin.  We are supposed to love our reflection in the mirror.  And we are supposed to be so secure that we love everyone else’s reflection in the mirror as well.  That is actually my test for myself: when I am noticing everyone’s flaws or feeling jealous of their beauty, I know that I need to work on this.  When I am constantly admiring the beauty in others, I know that I am being just as kind to myself.

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